Monday, June 17, 2013

My Old Friend

Am I falling in love with you through my dreams? I can't seem to sleep two nights without dreaming that you and I have found our way back not just to our old friendship but to a new and broader relationship.

I am severely disturbed that I might be capable of idiocy such as falling in love with someone because dreamland told me it was so. I knew there was a part of me disconnected from reality, but perhaps I underestimated just how large a part of me was so afflicted.

The thing is, I lost the only person I've ever actually been in love with because I ran astray trying to get your friendship back. Maybe I'm wrong, but per my best judgment, I have already found the love of my life. He has now been married for almost a year to someone else. I lost him because I fell into the gravity generated by your presence in my life. You are... You were, after all, a part of me outside of me. But I was not in love with you. What, then, do I make of these dreams?

Yes, my most rational opinion is that I have already found and lost forever the love of my life. But, what if, just what if, you could be the life of my love?


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