Sunday, January 07, 2018

Yes, I Doodle Again

(Incomplete, from March 2015.)

Death and misery are the ways of this world. You inhale and you are miserable, you exhale and you die.

The goodness of a human being is ephemeral. So long as the quantum chances of circumstance are in your favour, you get to be good.

how can you know ugliness until you have looked at my face, looked into my eyes, looked unforgivingly at the tattered edges of the soul i do not believe i have?

all the goodness is in perfectly circular spots, boundaried by the awfulness of life.

goodnight, then, and the goodbyes and such.

can you forever die in that word of yours?

your face is the panacea. your cries are the epidemic.

i didn't do it.

i have broken you, and your kindness has broken me.

the scalpel to my jugular feels more pronounced.

have you crumpled the rose yet?

carrying the weight.

hot tears in cold eyes. painful.


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